On-Site Worship Service – Sundays at 9:30 am

We’re offering an in-person worship service on Sunday mornings at 9:30 am.

No other ministries are being offered on Sunday mornings. Children are welcome in the service.

If you are not ready or able to worship in-person, we are now offering live streaming at 9:30 am.

Below is a list of procedures and preparations that are currently in place for our on-site service:

Informational video from Pastor Hixson: click to watch on YouTube or Facebook

Procedures and Preparations for Grand Re-Opening Sunday

  1. We welcome everyone to our services, however, given the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, it is important that certain individuals limit their exposure to this virus with great care. Therefore, we recommend and ask that people with high-risk factors stay home. We would advise that each individual seek medical advice before attending any public gathering of any kind. A listing of people considered “high-risk” can be found at the Erie County Health Department web site www.eriecohealthohio.com. Any person venturing outside your home assumes the risk of exposure to germs of a variety of kinds including the coronavirus and should be advised of such risk regardless of the venue.
  2. We specifically ask that every person entering the building perform a self-check before leaving home to ensure that you do not have a temperature, feel sick in any way or exhibit any symptoms of fever, coughing, shortness of breath or related respiratory symptoms. Additionally, we ask that any person coming in contact with a person infected with the coronavirus not assemble in public gatherings such as this one until it can be demonstrated that you do not have the virus yourself. Love for God demands we assemble for His glory and for corporate worship. Love for neighbor also demands we not unnecessarily present a grave risk to each other in our desire to assemble together.
  3. Gathering in public will look different now that we are immersed in a global pandemic. We are taking intentional steps to provide a safe and healthy environment for our opportunity to assemble. We all gather at our own risk but we are doing our best to promote good hygienic practices and procedures for all who will gather here. While we will do our best to provide a clean environment, we cannot guarantee no germs are present in the church facility (and we think virtually no location could make such a claim).
  4. Please wash your hands and use hand sanitizer frequently. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the buildings. Avoid touching surfaces unnecessarily but we are trying to provide a clean environment for all our gatherings. We are told by a variety of health and governmental officials that wearing a mask may minimize the spread of germs to others, therefore we ask that you consider doing so when in the building.
  5. We ask that you not linger unnecessarily in the lobby or hallways for socializing. While we promote this kind of interaction normally, we are all taking extreme measures to combat the spread of disease at this moment in history. We encourage you to be intentional to make contact with those who attend church here through phone calls, texting, social media, etc. but limit close contact inside the church building.
  6. You will notice that we are taking steps to prevent the spread of germs including removing hymnals, notepads, response cards and pens from the pew racks. We will also not be handing out paper copies of the weekly bulletin. A bulletin will be available electronically each week on our church web site calvarysandusky.org and through email. While paper response cards are not available, we encourage you to respond to the message you hear by contacting the church in any way that is convenient for you. Contact information is provided at the end of each service.
  7. Your generous giving has been greatly appreciated. Please continue to give in whatever method works for you. Receptacles will be available in the church lobby to receive your offering or online giving is always available. Please see our church treasurers if you have any questions.
  8. We will take steps to help us all maintain “social distancing” from one another. Rows of pews will be sectioned off in the auditorium to achieve social distancing guidelines. We will also have the church service live streamed into multiple rooms in our facility available on a first come, first served basis. New and improved equipment has been purchased to provide a quality experience in these remote locations. The Family Life Center will be specifically designated as requiring facial covering and set up to provide even more space for those desiring additional protection and isolation. You choose which space will best suit your needs as an individual or family.
  9. We will not engage in handshaking, hugs, etc. in order to reduce the risk of passing germs.
  10. Different procedures from normal will be utilized to take communion when that is scheduled for a service. We will not pass a plate as in the past but different delivery methods will be utilized. Same meaning as always in the communion service but safety precautions will be observed.
  11. At least initially, we will not have a nursery, Sunday School classes, Junior Church or van transportation available for our services. It is our intention to reintroduce those ministries when it can be managed with reasonable risk. Additionally, we intend to shorten the length of time we are in the service to accommodate caring for small children and general exposure to a crowd (now you know this must be a real emergency). If it becomes necessary to leave the service with restless children, the nursery room and pre-k room will be available to individually see to their needs or change a diaper. Appropriate cleaning supplies will be available as needed.
  12. No beverage or food will be served in the buildings for now. You are welcome to bring your own beverage if that is your desire.
  13. The church building will receive a thorough cleaning after each general assembly. We intend to have only one service per week at this early point in the process of reassembling. This eliminates the need to clean the facility in between multiple services.
  14. This is temporary. There will be a day when these extreme measures may not be needed. Let’s take special precautions now and trust that God will bring relief in the not-to-distant future.
  15. We will continue to record and publish our church services for those who are not able to gather with us at this time. Our services will be available at our church web site calvarysandusky.org, on our church Facebook page, and on the church YouTube channel. Additional content and lessons will continue to be produced for children and teens through the summer. Contact Peter or Cindi Dodd with questions about these opportunities.